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Pyrisma® – for fascinating color worlds in coatings

Pyrisma® – for Fascinating Color Worlds in Coatings

Pyrisma® effect pigments from Merck are setting new standards in the world of interference effects, with extraordinary color saturation and color variety. Based on natural mica, this innovative pigment generation was developed especially for the requirements of the coating industry. It provides designers with new styling options while also offering technical performance and surface quality like never before. The Pyrisma® family: Pyrisma Color Space™ and the individual Custom Pearl Pigments.

„Pyrisma Color Space™”: Eight basic tones for a color concerto
The secret of Pyrisma Color Space™ lies in the specially developed titanium dioxide interference layers. The hue of each Pyrisma® interference pigment is predetermined using complex colorimetric calculations. The eight complementary Pyrisma® interference colors - yellow, red, magenta, violet, indigo, blue, turquoise and green - open up the maximum possible color space for the particle size distribution (PSD) given, based on the foundation of the "Pyrisma Color Space™ Concept". By mixing the members of this perfectly matched pigment family, fascinating new color worlds for coatings can be opened up.

Custom Pearl Pigments: Plenty of room for individuality
With the Custom Pearl Pigments, Merck's experts have developed a new range of pigments. It combines the outstanding technical performance and surface quality of the Pyrisma® series with plenty of room for individuality. The products have been designed to meet the exact requirements of the coating industry and its wide range of application fields. Their optimized technical properties guarantee the best performance in every application. Also impressive are their exciting coloristics and extraordinary variety of color styling options.

Intense color effects in the thinnest coating layers
With a minimum number of pigments, Pyrisma® allows intense color effects even in the thinnest coating layers. An additional surface treatment gives the product family its particular weather resistance and allows it to be used in all imaginable coating applications. Pyrisma® develops its capabilities in the automotive sector and architecture in particular, where components are exposed to the elements but are still expected to maintain their color over years. Variants without special stabilization are available for inside applications, such as industrial coatings, dispersion and artists' paints. 

Pyrisma® also opens up fascinating color spaces in plastics and printproducts.