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For innovative designs in coil coating: effect pigments from Merck

For Innovative Designs in Coil Coating: Effect Pigments from Merck

Effect pigments from Merck open up entirely new dimensions for developing coil coating concepts. They allow individual and innovative designs to be explored and open the door to new possibilities in the areas of architecture and product design. Their special appearance provides optical highlights and raises the status of objects to which they are applied.

Inspirational façades, attractive white goods
Building facades are no longer finished in the same monotonous color and large home appliances known as “white goods” are no longer available only in white. Effect pigments from Merck support the ongoing trend towards more colorful buildings and home appliances. In architecture, coil coatings with effect pigments from the Colorstream® family in particular create unique and exciting looks. The transformation in which the color appears to change can also be seen some distance away and gives the building an illusory and distinct appearance. Large home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers stand out from the rest of the market thanks to effect pigments from Merck. At the same time striking surfaces draw attention to the quality of the items and assist consumers in bringing more variety and individual choice into the home.

Top quality indoors and outdoors
With their additional surface treatment, effect pigments from Merck are weather resistant in coil coated applications and exhibit a high degree of chemical resistance. This makes for building façades of high color durability and brilliance. Indoors this means that objects retain their new appearance, even in highly humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. Using effect pigments from Merck, coatings are durable because the pigments combine outstanding quality and color stability with the possibility of use in a wide variety of applications.