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"Pyrisma Color Space™ concept" – eight strong color specialists working perfectly together

"Pyrisma Color Space™ Concept" – Eight Strong Color Specialists Working Perfectly Together

Pyrisma Color Space™ – a complete concept with eight perfectly matched interference pigments from the Pyrisma® family. With their extraordinarily high color saturation and optimized particle size distribution, these pigments – in interference shades yellow, red, magenta, violet, indigo, blue, turquoise and green – are setting new standards.

Fewer pigments for a greater color spectrum
Their interaction is what makes them unique: when developing the "Pyrisma Color Space™ concept", Merck’s pigment experts calculated the titanium dioxide interference layer for each of the eight pigments in advance. Their individual coloristic properties were determined so that the eight interference shades together cover the greatest possible color space.

Mixing the pigments together reveals a large number of new, unique color shade worlds. This allows a much broader color spectrum to be covered with fewer pigments than before.