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Creative color ideas from Merck: Teletronic Color Proposals

Creative Color Ideas from Merck: Teletronic Color Proposals

Computer mouse, mobile phone or coffee machine – modern means of telecommunication and electronic devices are an integral part of our everyday life. Perfect design is just as important as functionality since it emphasizes a brand’s value and individuality. When designing the surfaces of Teletronic products, colors and effect pigments in plastic coatings provide a wealth of creative solutions.

The Teletronic Color Proposals from Merck are exemplary for the high quality color and surface effects that follow the latest design trends – and provide an imaginative look into the future. Using this, the trend book “From time through time and beyond” gives plastic coatings manufacturers inspiration on demanding applications on the Teletronic market, which attract attention and at the same time fulfill the highest quality demands.

Your benefits:

  • Design proposals at a glance – for styling with effect pigments from Merck
  • Specific application examples
  • Information for custom formulations 
  • Trend ideas categorized into five color worlds
Creative color ideas from Merck: Teletronic Color Proposals

Take a trip through time with the trend book
The trend book “From time through time and beyond” accompanies plastic coating developers on their trip through time from the past into the distant future. The Teletronic Color Proposals are described within five color worlds

  • Earthy – Galactic and Beyond
  • Digital – Electronic and Beyond
  • Organic – Bionic and Beyond
  • Backward – Forward and Beyond
  • Boom Boom – Bang Bang and Beyond

Samples in a practical sample case demonstrate how effect pigments from Merck bring the best out of plastic coatings – now and in future.

Cooperation with experienced coatings manufacturer
Design ideas have to be feasible and reliable. In close cooperation with the experienced German manufacturer Peter-Lacke, Merck has been implementing color trends in styling with effect pigments. Specific application examples are supplemented by information for custom formulations.