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Phosphor materials from Merck

Innovative Lighting Materials for LEDs

Whether as point light sources in architecture and interior design or as backlighting for liquid crystal displays, LEDs make a whole new quality of light possible. Under the isiphor® brand name, Merck offers high-performance lighting materials which are unique in their quality and performance, going above and beyond the demanding requirements and paving the way for effective, energy-saving lighting applications with extraordinarily long lifespans. Thanks to their homogeneous morphology and particle size distribution, they are superior to conventionally produced lighting materials.
In what is known as a tool-box approach, Merck combines in-depth expert knowledge with the latest process technology. The result is a range of premium phosphors for homogeneous lighting material layers in LEDs that are highly efficient with minimal energy consumption.

The isiphor® product range includes

  • BOSE ortho-silicate lighting materials, which are mainly used for backlighting in LC displays, 
  • isiphor® stable BOSE for special applications, 
  • isiphor® garnet lighting materials YAG (ytrium aluminium garnet) and LuAG (lutetium aluminium garnet). Lighting applications are the main area of use.

The variety of isiphor® materials allows Merck to meet a wide range of customer requirements with customized solutions in the development of LED technologies.

Stable BOSE

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